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About Alex

My name is Alex,the founder of Xi’antourguide.The reason why I got the name Alex is mainly for two reasons,the first one is that I like reading the legendary stories from Greece ,I was told that Alexander is a quite good looking guy with great courage and wisdom,and letter A is the first thing I learnt during the school life because both the parents and teachers want me to get A .Life keeps going forward,I am not sure I obtained that much wisdom or A in my life,but one thing is for sure is that I have never given up moving forward  and trying to be a good person with great patience,tolerance and strong mentality.During the past ten years guiding career,I treated all my clients with the philosophy as mentioned,and surprisingly I got much more back from them,I got their sweet smile,I got their trust and their confidence.I never thought that I am a confident person even though I have quite strong mentality,however,the confidence from my clients pushed me to create another career,that is my Xi’an tour guide.I never thought I could start my own tour business ,but the truth is that I had already started and it turned out to be better and better.There are so much uncertainties in life,but it destined to be great if you keep doing it in a correct way .

Xi’antourguide is growing quickly,which is beyond what I expected before I started since I am not that optimistic person,but it indeed grows very well.Why?I kept asking myself,and I finally got the answer.Being patient,warm ,not that smart in dealing with clients,then you get more.So,for me,I trained my team that treating our clients just like our families,or friends,then success is approaching.It is just this simple.

More importantly,I know what my clients want to do and I am always more than willing to meet their needs,simply speaking,I do what I know and I love.

Great travel combines the experiences of physical and mental even if there are some surprises occurs,but trust me,if you choose to travel with us ,you will get surprise in the end of the tour,not all the surprises all the time from others.

Simple word comes from my deep heart,I sincerely hope all the friends could enjoy a great trip in Xi’an,and we are here all the time at your service.


owner of Xi’antourguide