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Although i can’t show you the world, i would love to accompany you on a visit to China especially in Xi’an.

China is such a such a great nation with vast territory, splendid culture and history, so people all over the world always thought they wanted to have much more understanding on this county, and people always knew that to do that we’d have to get a great culture disseminator.  Perhaps the definition on great culture disseminator varies in different people’s mind, but to us, the priority is that those people need to be the biggest fans of Chinese culture, custom and history, they are not talking to you now only through the medium of language, nor even of knowledge. It is their spirit that address your spirit. So love makes everything perfect, let alone your Chinese journey.

Surely our guide team is rather qualified for this mission. With the same dream of getting Chinese culture spreaded in all over the world and let more and more people know China in the right way, our team members pay an arm and leg in cultivating and improving ourselves by learning Chinese custom, art, music and history, additionally, all the tour guides working for our company are rather knowledgeable and experienced in this field, so they have the ability to present you with the most proper way of serving according to your different background and culture.


It’s said that guide’s character partly determine the success of your tour. There is much sense in this comment. Those who are agreeable and optimistic, spirited and humorous will bring pleasure to you during your whole stay. As you know that some unexpected things always happen when we are traveling, surely these things could be managed  by our experienced tour guide very well and will not affect your travel experience.


As you know that excellent English play a crucial role in communicating as well, so it is considered as we recruit a tour guide. All of them keep learning English everyday, and they’ve been fluent English speaker since many years ago. There is one thing always shock our clients is that our guides’ English is even as fluent as native English native speaker. So without doubt, the deep understanding on Chinese culture could be achieved when you’re traveling with our great guides.


Beside, we stay focused on designing and tailoring the special activities make your journey more meaningful, such as visit locol family and join them in cooking and eating, interactive with mentally retarded children in NGO, Hand-made some artworks with the ancient technologies invented by our ancestors, and even we can show you the residential area of Chairman Mao in revolution period.

In a word, everything we did, we did for getting the real China and its culture be appreciated. Welcome all of you to travel with us.