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Xi'an Fullview

Tour Brochure:


Day1:Greeted by our guide and driver in the lobby of the hotel.You will first visit a typical cultural remains of the Stone Age with a history over 7000 years named the Banpo Village Museum.This museum is considered as the first museum that was built directly on the original site in China.In this museum,you will see a large number of the remains of the houses used by people back then,you can also see all types of the painted potteries that could be used for cooking,containing water or food and so on and on.After his museum,the highlight will come to the visit to the Terracotta Warriors,the greatest archaeological discovery in the 20th century.After TCW,you will have a local family visit.Learning more about Chinese history should be one part of your China trip,and getting to know more about our people could be another more intresting thing for your stay in Xi’an.You can talk to the family members to know more about their living situation ,you can also be taught to learn how to do Chinese cooking like making noodles or dumplings or some other typical Chinese dishes,it’s not only about interaction,but more about the experience of the local life.Dinner will be in the local family.Return back to hotel.

Day 2: Pick up from hotel at oppionted time, and you will first visit Big Wild Goose Pagoda, the number one ancient Buddist temple in Xi'an with a history about 1300 years,and then you will go to visit the Tang Dynasty Art Museum,which is a cultural center for learning more about traditional Chinese art like paining,calligraphy,clay sculpture and paper cut,you can even pick up your own brush to learn how to do calligraphy by yourself with the guidance of the professor there,it will be so much fun and educational. Followed by a lunch in a local restaurant,you will try the very local food named Yangrou Paomo,literally means the shredded pancake in the beef or mutton soup together with the rice noodles ,mushroom and so on.For this food,you need to break the very hard pancake into very tinny pieces first,then the chef will take it away cooking for you ,you may ask for more soup (Wide soup said by locals) or less soup(narrow soup said by locals),after you get the cooked one,you will discover more,just enjoy.After lunch,you need more exersize since the food you had is quite feeling,so our guide will take you to climb the City wall,walking or biking up there could be fun thing to do.Afterwards,you will visit the biggest mosque in northwestern China ,the Grand Mosque,you will be deeply amazed by the construction style of this mosque since it’s not like the typical mosque in middle east or the Muslim countries with domes and minaret on the top of the building,it is much more like a traditional Chinese garden with beautiful courtyard ,towers and pavilions.Then explore around in the every alive muslim quarters trying some local snacks or buying some little souvenirs .