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Xi’an Extention

Tour Brochure:


Day 1: Greeted by our guide and driver in the lobby of the hotel.You will first visit a typical cultural remains of the Stone Age with a history over 7000 years named the Banpo Village Museum.This museum is considered as the first museum that was built directly on the original site in China.In this museum,you will see a large number of the remains of the houses used by people back then,you can also see all types of the painted potteries that could be used for cooking,containing water or food and so on and on.After his museum,the highlight will come to the visit to the Terracotta Warriors,the greatest archeological discovery in the 20th century.After TCW,you will have a local family visit.Learning more about Chinese history should be one part of your China trip,and getting to know more about our people could be another more intresting page for your stay in Xi’an.You can talk to the family members to know more about their living situation ,you can also be taught to learn how to do Chinese cooking like make noodles or dumplings or some other typical Chinese dishes,it’s not only about intraction,but more about the experience of the local life.Dinner will be in the local family.Return back to hotel.


Day 2:In the early morning,you will first visit one of the biggest national museums in China named Shannxi History Museum with over 100,000 pieces of cultural collection from the Stone Age to 1840s.Different from the other tour group,you will be guided by our guide to the underground floor of this museum that is guarded by securities since the underground floor only keeps the original national grade cultural artifacts.You will see a large number of the mural paitings(97 pieces) inside the display case that are taken off from the Tang dynasty tombs ,which can be dating back to 1300 years ago.From those amazing mural paitnings,you will the royal life of the imperial families in the Great Tang dynasty together with the learning of the culture about the art,costume and so on.You may feel lucky to see those ones since not all the tourist could see it
After this museum,you will go to visit the most renowned Buddist temple named the Big Wild Goose Pagoda ,which was originally built for keeping the Budda statues or the Buddist scriptures.You can walk around in the very beautiful and peaceful garden ,or you can climb to the top of the pagoda to have a very nice view of the whole city.More importantly,it could be a spiritual pilgrimage for you with the guidance of our guide.Followed by a lunch in a local vegetarial restaurant.After lunch,you will take the monorail to take a full view of the southern part of Xi’an,an area of the old and modernization.Afterward,you will visit the Tang Dynasty Art Museum,which is an art center for displaying the Chinese folk art like paper cut ,clay scupturing ,shadow play and the Chinese painting and calligraphy,you may have the chance to pick up your own brush to learn more about the Chinese calligrapy on the rice paper,it is going to be a lot of fun and memerable,especially for the one who loves tradtional Chinese art. Return back to hotel.


Day 3:Meeting in the lobby of the hotel at oppionted time.You will first go to visit the Hanyangling Tomb(Jindi’s tomb),the imperial mausoleum for the fourth emperor from the Western Han dynasty. From this underground museum, you may see thousands and thousands tinny warriors laying on the floor along the different corridors together with countless animal figures, very impressive.More importantly,you will take a laboratory tour in the administrative area that nomally does not open to any visitors,because of our influence in Xi'an tourism market,we could arrange our clients to do this tour.For the clients,you will have this precious oppertunity to see how those archeologists doing restoration on those original artifacts face to face,you may never imagine that you could stand so close to those treasures that can be dating back to 2000 years back,just hold your breath and enjoy this beautiful moment.After this museum,you will be transferred back to the city to visit the ancient City Wall and the beautiful Grand Mosque.Return back to hotel

Day 4:Take the early high speed train from Xi’an to Luoyang city ,which is another very famous ancient capital in China.Upon your arrival,our guide will meet you at the train station with our driver,and you will be driven to the world famous Shaolin Temple,which is considered as the First Buddist Temple Under the Sun.Western people knows Chinese Kongfu thanks to Bruce Lee,and we know Chinese Martial Arts from Shaolin temple,so for anyone who loves Chinese Kongfu or may not ,you will indeed experience the incredible demonstration by the Shaolin monks,like the needle getting through glasses,head breaks the steal and so on.After Shaolin temple,you will pay a visit to another world cultural heritage named Longmen Grottoes located along the Yi river in Luoyang city.Entering this outdoor museum,you will see over 20,000 statues of the Budda from the 5th century AD to 10th century AD,the biggest one is almost about 20 meters high,and the smallest one is only about 2 to 3 centimeters high,how amazing.Taking the high speed train back to Xi’an in the late afternoon.